Monday, September 12, 2011

Project 52, Week 36- Big Boy Bed!!

We have been trying to decide when to put Carter in his big boy bed. It's inevitably going to happen since: 1. There's another baby coming that will need that crib, and 2. He's a giant. He's almost as long as the crib, and every time he rolls over, he hits the sides of the crib, making lots of noise. He has never once tried to climb out though, so I was a little hesitant to move him. In his crib, he can wake up, play for 20 minutes and then I will go get him. But what will he do in his big boy bed?? What if he gets up early and out of bed right away? Well this wasn't a chance I was willing to take during my first trimester. But now that I have more energy, we decided it's time. There won't be lots of pictures of the room since it's still a work in progress. But here we are after the bed is up and ready:

And here's a quick shot of just the bed:

So here's the story on the bedding. We couldn't decide if we wanted a car/truck theme or sports. Well I was looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog one day and saw this bedding. It was cute but I didn't know if it's just what I wanted. But as I studied the room setup more from the catalog, I noticed a few things. They had a chalk wall behind the bed with two boys' names on it, like they were keeping score during a game. And guess what those names were??? Ryan and Luke. Which for those of you that don't know are the names of my only two brothers. That was pretty cool by itself. But when I looked at the photo of the quilt by itself, it had only three letters on it, and then patches of material and sports things. But what were those three letters?? R, L and S. Yep, Ryan, Luke and Sara. So I just had to get it. It was meant to be.

Carter has done great. He sleeps all night, and seems to be sleeping better in the early morning. Last week he wouldn't actually fall asleep for a nap in it, but he stayed in that bed for two hours during nap time. Now that he's waking up a bit earlier, he seems to be actually napping again. So far, Operation Big Boy Bed has been a huge success! Let's hope this continues. Now on to the next project, decorating a gender neutral nursery!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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