Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 52, Week 25- 2 years!!

So I am a few weeks behind, but I have a whole year to do the 2 year update, right??

I can't believe you are 2!! You are such a big boy (literally), with your stats as:
Weight: 30 pounds, 3 oz (74th percentile)
Height: 36.5 inches (93rd percentile)

While this time can be very trying with you, it's also a lot of fun. You have started talking so much more and say the funniest things. You are a mimic, so we have to watch everything we say. When we leave the house, you say "Bye Billy, be good. See ya later, bye." You've heard us say this to our dog, and now it's your saying. 

You love to go for walks, but we have to call them stroller rides. Otherwise you won't get in the stroller. You also love your tricycle, but long walks with it can be challenging. You have figured out how to steer, and end up in circles, or running into Mama. 

You must be in a growth spurt (like you really need that!), because you want to eat ALL THE TIME!! I wasn't ready for the grocery bill to feed a growing boy. I thought I had a couple more years for that!

You love to "walk around," especially at the nature center where I took your 2 year pictures. When you look at a picture from this session, you say "Carter, walk around!" 

You also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is how I got the rest of your pictures. You are watching your cartoon while I snap away.

You love to learn and are such a sponge. You know all of your "ABCD's" (as you call them) and love to point out letters on shirts and signs. 

You can also spell Carter, which is pretty cute to listen to. You can sing Row Row Row Your Boat; it's your favorite song to sing these days.

You got a new KC Royals hat this weekend, and you call it "Carter's Go Royals hat," which is just about the cutest thing ever.

You love to be tickled and request it by saying "tickle." If I stop too soon, you let me know by saying "tickle" louder. You get the giggles and can't stop. I don't even have to tickle you. If I get close, you start laughing.

We are so blessed to have you in our lives Carter. We love you very much and look forward to watching you learn and grow!!

 Sweet Shot Day


  1. What a handsome boy and what amazing photographs of him!

  2. What a great little guy. THese shots are brilliant, he's a super model for you. Happy Tuesday

  3. He is adorable, and you've done great photos here! I love his little feet in flip flops. :)

  4. Is he really just two? He's big! And sweet! Great photos, by the way.:)

  5. What a beautiful child!! Love each picture! Great job...

  6. These are great photos! Our little guys sound very similar. My Andrew turned 2 in March and is so talkative and so much fun! I just love this age. :)

  7. These are so sweet & he's a very handsome fella!