Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 52- Week 44: Halloween!!

Halloween this year was our best one yet. Carter's first Halloween he screamed the entire 20 minutes he was in his turtle costume. He didn't mind his baseball costume last year but he was in a mood all day. But this year (while we still had a few freak outs) he had a lot of fun!! He was ready to say "trick or treat." At the first house he may have just demanded candy for his "happy face jack-o-lantern" and definitely preferred to grab the candy himself. He was a very cute monkey (like Curious George as Carter says) and we had so much fun taking him out for the evening. Since we didn't start until dark I didn't have any great pictures of just Carter in his monkey costume. So we may have put it back on a couple days later for a few pictures. I thought it would be a struggle, but the struggle came when I took it off!!

Here's my little monkey looking for some candy to eat

Notice what's in his right hand?? Yep, that's little motorcycle. He had to set his bucket down at every house to grab candy because he refused to part with that wonderful little toy.

And there's little motorcyle, again...

Such a big boy on his own!!

He was much happier to put it on than this picture shows :)

Had to get a picture of the banana peeking out of his pocket!

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