Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 52, Week 10

I have found the secret to getting Carter to smile: have his cousin, Cohen, over! I have 10 pictures of Carter laughing so hard at Cohen. The boys generally play well together, but they have their moments. They are three months apart, so naturally whenever one has a toy, it becomes the coolest toy ever. Then the other one wants that toy. But other than that, they are best friends :). So this is the picture I chose because it is the smile from laughing I see most often.

And why was he laughing and smiling so much? Here is a pullback of the setup:

One boy on either side of the kitchen table, just cracking up at one another (well not in this picture). But they were, and it was hilarious to watch!

Here are some others I loved of Carter's various expressions.

I love the reflection of his hands on the kitchen table. It makes me feel like it's clean! I know it's just a semi reflective surface with good light, but it also looks clean!!!

And Cohen's parents agreed to let me share these adorable pictures of their adorable sweet boy!
Can you believe those eyes? Is it okay to say a boy has beautiful eyes? Well I just did; my apologies to Cohen's dad!!

Hope everyone is getting a taste of spring this week! We will most certainly be enjoying some hopefully wonderful weather!!

Sweet Shot Day 


  1. That's a wonderful picture of Carter!

  2. Those are some beautiful shots! Toddlers are so fun and full of life.

  3. Great shots! They are both total cuties!

  4. So very very cute!! It's amazing what other relationships between family members can do to their personalities.

  5. Cuties! These are wonderful!

  6. Handsome little men! Just found your blog through Sweet Shot Tuesday.

  7. Aw. What handsome little guys you have. I've been there too. As soon as I get ready for the shot or get the camera out they are done with their cute behavior. Very nice captures!