Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 52, Week 11

This week brought some nice weather, but no outside pictures. We were too busy playing to take pictures! Okay actually the sun was just too bright overhead and I didn't love any of them. But the first response sounds like a fun mom, right? We did take some time to paint with watercolors. Now this was very hard for me. I am kind of a neat freak, so messy paint makes me nervous. I put the tablecloth on the table and stripped Carter down, which ended up being a very smart move on my part. When I used to paint, I did not want the colors mixing together on the palate. Obviously 21 month old boys do not care about such details. I kept trying to get him to dip his paintbrush in water before switching colors, but as you'll see, my efforts were futile. At least he had fun!!

Here's the official picture of the week

And now for the others I always seem to include in my picture (singular) post of the week :)

Here is the masterpiece in the making

Time for a color switch (more like a muddy mixture)

And a little body paint...

Poor dirty watercolors (deep sigh)

This is his ornery grin, thinking he is doing something awesome!

Who knew painting was so exciting??

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Sweet Shot Day 


  1. the painting of himself is awesome...

  2. He is a true artist! Obviously feels his painting and paints with great joy! Melody

  3. So cute. He looks like he really is having fun.

  4. WOO HOO body paint!!! LOL, looks like fun!

  5. I must introduce water colors at my house...we still body paint with chocolate pudding :o)

    Fantastic photos!

  6. What a handsome young man :) and very talented too :) We love water colors at our house :)

  7. When you are a kid, the whole world is your canvas!

  8. Those pictures are so cute! He looks like he had a wonderful time!

  9. Seriously cute little painter! Great shots!

    Erika B

  10. Great shots! Painting is great for kids, but I hear you on the mess! Water colors are fairly inexpensive to replace, but we found it is easiest for us to use washable poster paints. We give them a paper plate with 5 or 6 different colors out of the jars. They can paint and mix and match how they want from the plate to paper. At the end our jars are still safe and monochromatic and the paper plate goes in the trash. It helped me relax.

  11. My grandkids love to paint and my DIL really lets them go wild with it. She is so nice that way. I always wanted to keep things neat, and so my kids didn't get to do all the really fun art activities.

    (Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that I'm not very artistic!)


  12. So cute- I love that he was curious to see what would happen if he painted on himself too :)