Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project 52, Week 13, Hat!

I have had a hard time with this week's picture. I didn't have much to choose from, making it hard to have a great picture to use. I got an external flash (which I am super excited about, but more on that another time), so I have been learning how to use it. Which is great, but I'm still learning, and that does not equal good pictures. These were shot in the evening but before sunset. The picture I chose combines two things Carter loves: looking at himself on the computer slideshow, and hats. At any given point during the day, if I can't find Carter, he is probably in the office watching the screensaver slideshow of pictures. He could sit in there for hours and just watch the pictures. It has been a great tool to teach him family member's names. He recognizes most of his immediate family, which is so cute to watch. He always recognizes his Great Grandad, who passed away last summer. I think this is amazing; Carter was 13 months at the time. But yet, everytime a picture of Great Grandad rolls around, Carter shouts "Grandad!!" I know it means a lot to Trevor to carry on his Grandad's memory. Which brings us to the hat. Considering what an integral part of Grandad's life Sonic was, it's only fitting that we have a Sonic Drive In hat!. It's been in the office for a while now, but Carter just found it. So now, when he goes in to watch himself, he also yells "hat!" But of course, when I wanted a picture of Carter wearing the hat, he did NOT want it on. I had to be quick on the shot. As soon as Trevor put the hat on, I snapped quickly. As you'll see, it didn't last long. Usually he leaves it on, just not if I want him to wear it. Oh the mind of a 22 month old...

Putting the had on...

And it's off!

He is in a trance watching the slideshow

This is the only time he sits still during the day!

I will post more about my new speedlite sometime, I promise! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Sweet Shot Day 


  1. Adorable! I love his expression in the first shot. Definitely sweet!

  2. Very sweet for a Tuesday indeed. xxx


  3. You did a great shot shooting the hat : ) I know your hands are full with an energetic little boy. I remember those days!

  4. LOL, hats don't seem to last long at that age. Great shots!

  5. I have two boys, and one of them would not wear a hat for the life of him, and the other was a hat wearing crazy kid... Cute pics!! Happy Tuesday!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Grandad! Keeping that legacy alive...way to go!

  7. My grandson loves to wear Grandpa's many hats.


  8. LOVE the first black and white shot!!!

    And of course, Sara!! Don't you know, babies/kids NEVER do anything when you've got the camera out! But as soon as you put it away, they'll do anything for ya :)

  9. I just adore those shots- what a little cutie!