Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 52, Week 15: My sign of warmer weather

Carter is observing more and more each day. I rearranged our living room furniture last week (which I am in love with now), and his reaction was adorable when he saw it. It literally stopped him in his tracks and he just looked at me like "what happened mom?" But he adjusted quickly. Well back to another change he noticed: my toe nails painted. I don't think that's happened since last summer, so when he noticed the bright shade of pink my nails were sporting, he was fascinated. I said "pink toes" to him, so now he plays with my feet saying "pink toes, pink toes." Be aware those with foot phobias, as my feet did make it into the pictures for the week.

This is his coy look...

Hmmm, looks like I needed to warm this one up a bit more!

The beloved John Deere truck

And I just liked this one :)

Epic fail on this picture. This is what happens when shooting on manual and you go from shooting with my back the window, then to facing the window! But kind of a cool look nonetheless. Next time I'll try to remember to change my settings!!

And I have to share two funny stories from this week.
1. I was cleaning the toilet while Carter was awake (and I have since learned my lesson). He had the duster and tried to put it in the toilet that I was cleaning. I stopped this and said that we do NOT put the duster in the toilet. He left the bathroom, and I heard him running, then the other toilet lid go up! I was too late. I found Carter with the duster fully immersed in the other toilet, swirling it all around just like I did with the actual toilet bowl cleaner. Think it's time for a new duster :)

2. Carter played with his cousin, Siena, this week. And they were just adorable together. They followed one another around, calling each other "Car Car" and "Sienena." They snacked together on the bar stools, sat together on the John Deere (Siena did not love this part) and hugged and kissed goodbye! And now all I hear all day long is "Sienena, Jack, Layla (really Leia) and Bria!" He can now say almost all of his immediate relatives names, so it's pretty cute to listen to him run through the lists!

Oh, and Carter amazed me this week! I was wearing a shirt with writing on it, and he pointed to the letters and said "R, C, K, C, H and L!." All those letters were on my shirt and he was correct on all of them!!

Have a great week!

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  2. OMG isn't it amazing how smart they get, and it happens FAST! Braeden, as well, is obsessed w/ cleaning the toilets. I actually thought that I was being smart one evening and decided to clean the toilet WHILE Braeden was playing in the bath. Bad move, b/c he decided that he wanted to throw all of his bath toys and his wash rag into the toilet. Never.doing.that.again! LOL It was great seeing you yesterday ;-)

  3. All sweet shots! Still getting the hang of changing my settings as I move around--let alone as the clouds shift or something else changes.

  4. adorable shots.. i love it!

    visiting you from SST!

  5. What a sweetie he is! Nice toenail color too!

  6. Love these photos! He's so cute and sounds like he's a lot of fun! I remember when I had to try to find time to do things like clean the toilet when my little ones weren't around. Now they're teens. It went by fast!

  7. Love all the shots. It's nice to have a helper too! LOL

  8. He is adorable. What a nice helper too! ;)

  9. Such sweet photos! And I have to ask, I love his shirt, where is it from?

  10. Great shots!! And I love that pink nail polish!

    Definitely time for a new duster. Oh my.

  11. Oh what sweet memories!! He's just adorable. I'm glad you are writing down these little storires.

    You'll treasure them someday!

  12. Love your pink polish. I think your son agrees with me!

    Cracked up that he was using your feather duster as a toilet brush.


  13. Great TOES!!!!!!!!!!!! He's pretty cute too :)

  14. i love the toe shots. I painted mine red for the sudden sandal weather and my little guy found them fascinating.

    I love, love how his eyes pop in every picture.

    From Sweet Shot Tues

  15. What a smart little guy. My two year old eats his boogers.