Monday, December 19, 2011

Project 52, Weeks 48, 49 and 50

Since I am so far behind, this will be a quick post. More pictures, less words.

For week 48 I highlighted one of Carter's top toys (besides little motorcycle). This one is rather appropriate for the time of the year. His "brown truck" as he calls it has been in the rotation lately, and he gets super excited whenever he sees one in person (which is a lot this time of the year!).

Just chilling watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Week 49 was an epic fail. He loves Santa in theory and on TV. But not so much in person. This was the closest he got, and he even had his candy cane already. But as soon as we left he was talking about Santa and what he was going to bring. I wasn't going to push it; no need in scaring or scarring a 2 year old.

And for week 50, who doesn't love a toddler in pajamas? Once again, chilling watching a little Mickey. Yes this is our morning routine, and I rather like it. We sit on the bed and snuggle in our PJ's. It's nice.

Hopefully weeks 51 and 52 will be more exciting, but I can't promise anything!!

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