Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 52, Weeks 51 and 52: Thank Goodness!!

While I am glad I did this, I am even happier that it's over. I like to finish things I start; therefore I won't be doing another Project 52. Between being pregnant, Christmas and moving right after Christmas, photography has been on the back burner. I had visions of artistic pictures of Carter in front of the Christmas tree. That didn't happen.

Week 51 shows how and what Carter eats every morning. Orange Juice, Cheerios and Yogurt. Every morning.

Week 52 is the only picture of the entire project to not have Carter in it. And it is not creative. At all. But it definitely shows what the last week of our life in 2011 was like. This was taken late at night while painting the new kitchen. This is how Trev accomplished this.

Yes, he is painting while sitting on the refrigerator. The yellow behind him is the old color. It has been replaced with a much calmer color, cracked wheat. While we have lots more to do in the new house, it is starting to feel like us. Now it's a marathon to accomplish as much as possible before this baby makes an appearance!

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  1. Whew, bet you're glad to be done with that project! When are you due again?