Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whew! I've had a nice little break from blogging, haven't I? With a baby due in less than 2 weeks I will have lots to blog about, but even less time to do it!! I didn't take to many pictures in January, nothing great to share. We were too busy working on the house and getting ready for Baby #2 to arrive.

Since Monday brought our first real snow, I thought it was a great time for me and Carter to make some sugar cookies. I'm not much of a baker and have never made sugar cookies, but figured I better learn with little ones around. Here is the link to the recipe I used, and the cookies were delicious!!!!

Carter was a great helper, much better than I thought. He is slightly totally terrified of loud noises, including my hand mixer. But since he also got to help control it, we avoided any freak outs.

He helped me measure and pour...

He helped me mix....

And he examined the dough that got on his hands, needing to be wiped off immediately :)

Here are the many faces of Carter, as we made our dough.

Once we had the dough made and in the fridge to chill, Carter went down for a nap. I started cutting out and baking before he woke up. I knew he wouldn't have the patience for all of the cookies to be made, and I even halved the recipe. I left one last batch for him to help cut out.

Trev came home to a mess of a kitchen, but we had lots of fun. And Trev (and Carter as he tells me) got me flowers!!

I have to say it was a great Valentine's Day (actually Valentine's Day eve). Now I'm just ready to meet this little one and adjust to being a family of four!!

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