Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 52, Week 21: Slip and Slide

Carter has been staying up late. Well we put him in his crib around 9, but he hasn't been falling asleep until 11 or so. He's happy in there, but just won't go to sleep. We were thinking it was due to a later nap time. So on Sunday, we decided to skip nap (gasp!!) in hopes of fixing this problem. We knew there better be some fun to be had during said nap time or it would not be fun for anyone involved. Hence backyard extravaganza was born (and named by Trev).

I'll start with my picture of the week (but get ready for picture overload)

So first we had some fun with the hose

Then it was time for the slip and slide!

I think it was a success!!

We also decided to put his slide into the pool. This was the biggest success of the day. Carter probably slid into the pool 50 times. And he laughed every time!

And I just love this next ones

I got a 75-300 lens, so I took all of these pictures with it. It's a little hard to get a sharp photo when it's at full length but overall I liked it!! It's not very useful inside since it doesn't let much light in, but I really liked it for outside. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sweet Shot Day 


  1. Super cute! What a handsome little guy, and your pictures are lovely. I love the one of the hose, super cute. And you with him? Adorable. I rarely remember to try and get me to with my girl... I need to work on that, I just know I will regret it later. Great pics!

  2. What a brilliant photojournal of your day, these will make you laugh for years to come, they would look great on a storyboard on the wall, they would totally make you smile every time you looked at them. Nics

  3. Such a fun "nap"! So many smiles and so much joy! Great photos!

  4. Now those were some really fun pictures. Great job mom! He is precious♥

  5. Great shots! And looks like a really fun afternoon!