Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 52, Week 29: Have more fun!

Week 29 pictures come from our trip to Tablerock. We had lots of fun, even though it was so hot. My picture of the week pretty much sums up our vacation: "Carter go swimming." This was said at least 10 times per day, and jumping off the dock was the most fun of all.

This post is going to be long, but in an attempt to keep it manageable, I will mostly tell of our trip with pictures. So here we go. There are many more pictures than what I'm showing here, but I just don't have the energy to do a a post of 500 + pictures!!

So first off, it was a daddy week. Probably because daddy is more fun, but he wanted Trev all week. So here we are getting ready to swim for the first time. Any by the way, he didn't even hesitate before jumping off the dock into the lake. No fear of water right now!!

 If Carter couldn't be swimming, he was driving the boat. He would say "help Carter drive," like he was in charge of the driving.

We went to the floating restaurant and enjoyed Root Beer Floats, then walked around and fed some turtles. This brings us to the third thing we heard this week: "Daddy walk." This meant that Carter wanted to walk around and insisted on dragging Trev around by the hand wherever he wanted to go.

The only thing Carter wasn't too sure about was the Jet Ski. He thought he wanted to ride it, and didn't freak out at all. But when asked if he wanted to go fast, he said "no, go slow." This is shocking, as Carter's answer to this question is always "Go fast!!"

Our new Mickey from Grandma was a favorite. He would dance around with Mickey, make Mickey push the button on the dancing bear, and generally have Mickey do all activities Carter was doing.

Here is a sequence of Carter jumping walking off the dock. I said "jump" earlier, but I use that term very loosely.

And we're in!! As a side note, he has since learned to really jump into the pool. And I think I prefer the walking.

Putting spray sunscreen on always brought about some laughs, since it seems so cold!!

So there are the highlights. We did much more than this, but I had to narrow it down, so of course they are all of Carter. Hope everyone is having a good week! Oh and the reason this post is titled "Have more fun" is because this is the first thing Carter said every morning when he woke up. It was pretty cute!


  1. Awesome pictures, Sara! I love the first one of Trevor and Carter. Hope everyone is well!

  2. Darling pics, Sara! Looks like you guys had a blast on your vacation :-)