Friday, August 19, 2011

Project 52, Week 31

This week brings more slip and slide pictures, which means it brings more funny Carter faces!! I don't think the kid can keep his mouth closed if he's having a good time. We went over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate some birthdays and got out the pool and slip and slide for the kids to enjoy. And I think they thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Example #1 of the mouth open!

Example #2

Carter would run the entire length and fall into the little pool at the end. It was apparently the best way to do it. Except when this happens...

Starting to slip...

And we're down!! But he didn't even cry. Which is amazing since he freaks out at most accidents. He must have been enjoying himself because this happened more than once.

He also would run and jump into the pool, purposefully falling on the way in.

More open mouth faces

So I would say the slip and slide is still a success based on what we've seen here!! 

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