Monday, August 29, 2011

Project 52, Week 34: Fun at the park

Last week we had a great night with Trev's parents. We ate dinner at Abuelo's, which was delicious. It's not that Carter misbehaved, he just decided to be very joyful, very loudly throughout the meal. He would roll a crayon off of the table, and I would catch it. Then he would practically scream in delight. We tried telling him that if he didn't tone it down, the game would be over. Well he didn't tone it down. So the game was over. Which led to screaming. But he was quickly distracted by chips and salsa. We then went to the park so Mr. Excited could get some energy out. He had so much fun going down the slides and playing on all of the equipment. And of course, in typical Carter style, it's very evident on his face.

After every time down the slide, he would look around at all of us to make sure we were watching him. And he had this expression every time.

Then we took a break to look at the ducks.

Have a great week everyone. Thank goodness I am 34 weeks into this project. Remind me to never do this again. I love taking photos, but I hate the pressure of one good one per week. I do need to go back and count to see if I really am on week 34 (which would have been last week). Let's hope so. If not, it will just have to be close enough!!

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