Monday, August 29, 2011

Project 52, Week 33

So this is not a shock to most people who read this (since you already know), but I thought I should add it to the blog. This is a scrapbook of sorts of our life. And this is a big part of our life.

Did you catch it? If not, look again. Yes, Carter's shirt says "Big Bro." Yes, I am pregnant! I'm due February 28. Yes, it's a leap year. There will be a February 29. No, I don't think Carter really gets it. I tell him there's a baby in my tummy. Then he goes to Trev's stomach and says "Hi baby." So no, he doesn't quite get it. He also says there's a baby in my shirt. But it will be real enough very soon!! I am 14 weeks tomorrow, and this pregnancy is flying by. I'm feeling much better. I hate to complain because so many people are so much sicker than I was. I would be nauseous all day long without much relief, but I was never sick. By 10 weeks it was improving. Each week is a little better and I would venture to say that I am almost back to normal now. I will say that in my case, the stomach pops much quicker the second time around!! You won't be seeing too many belly pictures on here (since that's not really me), but I will make appearances from time to time in the photos.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. So excited for your growing family!

  2. LOVE this excited for the Askew fam :-)