Friday, February 4, 2011


Carter is a pretty fearless little boy. He will climb on just about anything and walk right off just about everything. There is one thing he doesn't like to do on his own: get down from a chair!! I don't really understand this. Usually his feet are about 3-6 inches from the floor, but he will sit there screaming "down!" until I give him my hands to hold onto and hop off of the chair.  He also has discovered how to climb onto and sit upon our bar stools. This is terrifying!! He is just so proud of himself when he gets up there and doesn't appreciate my concern for his safety. At least he doesn't try to get down on his own :).

Thanks Trev for taking these pictures! I'm usually not in the pictures, so it's nice to have some documentation that I am actually Carter's mom!

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  1. LOL! Imagining your son 3 inches from the ground and yelling "DOWN!" sounds very Tiny Tornado-esqe!! HA HA! What a cutie! (And I love that wooden barstool. It photographs so well - love it!) :-) Have a wonderful weekend! XO