Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 52, Week 7

So this project has turned out to be a little harder than expected! I thought it would be easy, since Carter always has a camera in his face, to get one picture a week. Sometimes it is easy. Other times either I don't really have one picture that I love, or in the case of this week, I can't decide between several! I guess that's a good problem to have. It's not that each of these pictures are amazing pictures capturing great smiles or scenery. The finalists were all so different, and that made it a hard decision. My goal is to have a glimpse back into Carter at this time, but I also want interesting pictures. So I think the picture this week meets that criteria. I shot it from above him to give a different perspective, and this is what he does all day long. He loves to drive cars on the bench of our kitchen table. He usually does it with his very loud monster truck, but on this day we were blessed with the very small and quiet Lightning McQueen.

Usually Carter runs away from me when I get the camera out, or he just turns his back to me. So today I decided to just let him play and capture the moments as they happen. Karli over at The Bonnie 5 gave me this idea. If anyone is interested in bettering their photography skills or just reading a mom's hilarious stories, I highly suggest checking out her blog! I am a faithful reader and love the tips and anecdotes she shares. 

In addition to driving Lightning on the bench, he also loves the kitchen table. And please excuse the temperature gauge in his other hand. It was the object of the day he chose to love!

I was working with depth of field and not always having Carter be the main focus. In this first picture the previously mentioned monster truck is in focus:

In this picture Carter is the focus with the truck blurry. It's fun to play with depth of field and just see what images I can create!

And this last picture is included because I think it's hilarious! He loves playing with his Leapfrog Alphabet Magnet set. It plays music and says each letter as you put them in the space. Today Carter decided he could hear it even better if he put his ear right next to the speaker. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I love reading your blog! You are doing a great job!

  2. Your little Carter is the cutest thing! I love that you captured him doing what he loves to do best! You are doing a great job with learning photography!

  3. way to rock your camera! I say your photography skills are fantastic! love these!

  4. Sara, these are WONDERFUL! I love these candid shots of him - so artsy, and more importantly so real. I don't know why I got into such a rut waving things around, etc. (That's not the "true" tiny tornado...sitting there and smiling fakely - LOL!) I love these shots of Carter so much! You captured your son as he truly is. Great job! XO

  5. I love that you're playing around with the depth of field. It's fun to do different things with your camera. I love your first one - the light is amazing!

  6. I love these shots - and that last one has me cracking up!

  7. Such a cute little boy you have!
    I laughed at the picture of him listening to the leapfrog fridge magnets!

  8. I'm going to follow your blog :)