Friday, February 11, 2011

A few of my favorite things (about Carter)

Carter is at such a fun (but trying) age right now. He is 20 months old and has been Mr. Independent for the past six month or so. He has some funny quirks about him that I think are hilarious! Since my hope is to have a place to document our lives, I wanted to share a few so I will be able to look back and smile. He is changing so quickly, and I'm sure I have forgotten so many of the funny things he has done or said. Now I will have them on record to remember always.

1. He loves to go bye bye. Every time I open the door into the garage, he runs over to it and says "bye bye?" He usually wakes up from his nap and I hear him say "bye bye?" He says it no less than 10 times per day. And it is always a question, never a statement.

2.  I may be biased, but I think he has the best giggle ever! It doesn't take much to get him going either. And I will call it a giggle, not a laugh, at this point. Tickling, his cousin Cohen running around, and any other slightly amusing activity throws him into a fit of giggling. And this is before even reading The Belly Button Book or Yummy Yucky, two books to insure a giggle or two three!

3. He loves to brush his teeth and wash his hands. Everytime we go into the bathroom he tries to do both. I keep waiting for the novelty to wear off (and I know it will) but we're going on several months of him loving his personal hygiene activities. I'm enjoying them while they last.

4. He is a boy of routine. He knows the order of how we usually do things and doesn't always do well if we deviate from it. He knows to get his toothbrush and comb out of the drawer after bath. He knows when I start to let the water out of the tub to pick up his toys. He knows we read his prayer book before bedtime but not naptime.

5. Everytime I let our dog Billy outside, Carter says potty. He runs over to the door yelling "potty, potty!" And if he misses the opportunity when I let Billy out, he says it when I let him back in.

6. He has to sleep with his turtle, puppy and blanket. We also have to read books and rock with all three. And drink milk. It's getting a little crowded in the rocking chair. He then serenades turtle once he is in his crib, saying "Turtle. TURTLE! Turtle? Turrttle." Each time has a different inflection, and it's adorable to listen to. We do have to sneak in and take turtle away at night. Otherwise Carter wakes up at 3 am to play with turtle. At least he goes back to sleep afterwards!

7. If you lay down on the floor, he will sit on you, and giggle! He thinks it's hilarious, and I'm not sure why. He tried to do it to his cousin Cohen (who is about his age), but Cohen did not appreciate this affection.

8. He loves to sit on ride on toys. Not actually be pushed while sitting, just sit. He also likes to sit on things that maybe look like ride on toys (see pictures below). He played with his Little People Farm Set the "correct" way for a while. Now he just sits in between the silo and barn. As a side note, he does love to also push ride on toys (or anything that can be pushed for that matter) around the house. Chairs, stools, baskets and toys all get pushed around on a daily basis.

Almost done, I promise!

9. Everything goes woof. Woof is also a question much of the time when he says it. Dogs of course go woof, but so do cows, horses, cats and goats. He usually says, "Billy, a dog, woof?"

10. Carter says "a" in front of lots of words. A show, a dog, a book, a chair. Everytime the TV is on, he says "a show?" then signs excited. He used to get especially excited for The Ellen Show and danced with her every day, but the novelty has worn off.

Thanks for staying with me through such a long post. And of course, here are a couple pictures of my little man. He just woke up from his nap, and I have already heard "bye bye" twice and "turtle" once!

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  1. About that giggle...I can never get enough. It wells up from deep inside him and springs forth with such exhuberance!