Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 52, Week 6: Concentration

Week 6, here we go! Carter loves to rock in his chair. He climbs up in it and rocks like a maniac! This requires a lot of head banging. I think his head moves more than the chair, but maybe that gives him the illusion of rocking! As you can see, rocking in one's chair requires a lot of concentration. I love his expression in the picture of the week. I see this face a lot; he uses it to work on puzzles, his shape sorter or any other occasion requiring his full attention. And of course, he's wearing his "Sir Rocks a Lot" shirt while rocking!!

As always, here are a couple runner ups from the week. I included the full body because I love his shirt and wanted to show it off. Carter is a big music man, so it was only appropriate that he have this shirt. Anytime music comes on, his head starts bobbing. Sometimes we get his latest dance move, which is a cross between skipping and some country western move! 

Sweet Shot Day


  1. LOL! That "concentration" shot made me laugh out loud - love it! And I'm LOVING the perspective of the 3rd shot - wow! I've never done one from that angle - looks fantastic!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on the TT post and the one from tonight. You are so thoughtful! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)